PAGASA River Basin Flood Forecasting & Warning Centers' 1st Stream Gauging Workshop (April 1-5, 2019)

Link to workshop presentation video: CLICK HERE

SG wrkshp apr2019 proceedings.pdf SG wrkshp apr2019 proceedings.pdf
Size : 1448.872 Kb
Type : pdf

PAGASA River Basin Flood Forecasting & Warning Centers Conference-Workshop (May 8-10, 2017)

activity report-!st RBFFWCs conf-wrkshp.pdf activity report-!st RBFFWCs conf-wrkshp.pdf
Size : 987.641 Kb
Type : pdf

Featured article on the 40 years FFW operations of PRFFWC (1973 to 2013) 

PRFFWC Historical feature.pdf PRFFWC Historical feature.pdf
Size : 543.049 Kb
Type : pdf

Presentation on Community-Based Flood Early Warning System, presented during the 8th PMS (Philippine Meteorological Society) Convention; February 2013 at the OSHC, Quezon City, Philippines.

PMS2013-CBFEWS-1.pdf PMS2013-CBFEWS-1.pdf
Size : 6574.776 Kb
Type : pdf

Presentation on the application of RRI Model to the Pampanga River Basin (pdf). Model was used to simulate the following events:
T.C. Pedring 2011 and SW of 2012 (see wmv files on the right)

RRI-PRB simulations-nov2012.pdf RRI-PRB simulations-nov2012.pdf
Size : 8203.271 Kb
Type : pdf
rri-sim01-prb-aug2012-event.wmv rri-sim01-prb-aug2012-event.wmv
Size : 3355.014 Kb
Type : wmv
RRI-sim01-PRB-sept2011 event.wmv RRI-sim01-PRB-sept2011 event.wmv
Size : 3566.127 Kb
Type : wmv

Local Flood Early Warning System (LFEWS) Program presented in the 2012 IDDR-ADDM Celebration in Bangkok, Thailand (2  files below)

LFEWS-good practice-philippines-2.pdf LFEWS-good practice-philippines-2.pdf
Size : 6332.077 Kb
Type : pdf
Bangkok LFEWS Presentation 1.pdf Bangkok LFEWS Presentation 1.pdf
Size : 544.941 Kb
Type : pdf
Pahayag mula sa Antalya.pdf Pahayag mula sa Antalya.pdf
Size : 341.95 Kb
Type : pdf
Guidelines in establishing a CBFFWS.pdf Guidelines in establishing a CBFFWS.pdf
Size : 1581.023 Kb
Type : pdf
PRB flood-2015-Lando-Nona.pdf PRB flood-2015-Lando-Nona.pdf
Size : 6557.782 Kb
Type : pdf
PRB flood-aug2013-maring-SW.pdf PRB flood-aug2013-maring-SW.pdf
Size : 3527.477 Kb
Type : pdf
PRFFWC SW-Aug2012 Post-initial.pdf PRFFWC SW-Aug2012 Post-initial.pdf
Size : 1877.725 Kb
Type : pdf
PRB flood-Sept2011-Pedring-Quiel.pdf PRB flood-Sept2011-Pedring-Quiel.pdf
Size : 6800.749 Kb
Type : pdf
PRB flood-June2011-SW-Falcon-1.pdf PRB flood-June2011-SW-Falcon-1.pdf
Size : 3628.655 Kb
Type : pdf
ondoy-pepeng floods2009-2.pdf ondoy-pepeng floods2009-2.pdf
Size : 2848.749 Kb
Type : pdf
02 Post-Flood Report-Aug2004.pdf 02 Post-Flood Report-Aug2004.pdf
Size : 279.168 Kb
Type : pdf

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