2020 Events and Activities: 
VTC-Webinar on 
Webinar on Operational River Basin Center Flood Forecasting & Warning Services under the New Normal (03 Dec 2020) - see site docs for the webinar proceedings
- SHINe Reorientation via VTC 

2019 Events and Activities: 
Ist Stream Gauging Workshop  - April 2019, PRFFWC initiative.
- Stream Gauging & Basic Hydrology Training for NIA-UPRIIS - Oct. 2019
- SHINe 10th Annual Conference - Nov. 2019

2018 Events and Activities: 
SHINe Annual Conference - Nov. 2018

2017 Events and Activities: 
1st River Basin Conference... May 2017, PRFFWC idea.

2016 Events and Activities: 
- Shine program in Gigantes Island, Iloilo (June)
7th SHINe Conference - 8 Waves Hotel & Resort (Nov 2016)

2015 Events and Activities: 
please just call us for info on our activities: (045) 455-1701

2014 Events and Activities
- September, SHINe activities in 3 secondary schools in Tanay, Rizal

2013 Events and Activities

- February, SHINe activities in 9 schools in Bulacan with Bulacan-PDRRMO and Save the Children group
- PRFFWC actively participated in the formulation of the RDRRMC Plan for Region 3 (May-June 2013)

2012 Events and Activities

- December, 3rd Bulacan SHINe Conference, Malolos City, Bulacan

- River X-sectioning activities (May - July 2012)

2011 Events and Activities

- December, 2nd Bulacan SHINe Conference, Malolos City, Bulacan (check site: www.bulacanshine.webs.com)

- March, Cluster sharing of OXFAM-DILG program of chosen good practices on DRR and CCA; SHINe program chosen as one good practice for sharing


- Graduating DHVTSU ECE students project on SMS-based Water level Monitoring and Flood Warning System for Pampanga River (Bebe Anac, Masantol, Pampanga) (video of their model system - click here)

2010 Events and Activities


- Nov 24 to 26. 1st National Conference of LFWES: Theme "Empowering Partners & Practioners on LFWES", Lancaster Hotel, Mandaluyong City (PAGASA-GTZ and PRFFWC inspired program)


- Dec 06. 1st Bulacan SHINe Conference, Malolos City, Bulacan. (Bulacan PG & PDRRMO; PRFFWC supported activity)
- Dec 08. Trial integration of SHINe activities with SMART's Project Rain Gauge. Dumaguete City.
- Dec 14-15 MDRRMC Orientation Workshop, Municipality of Dulag, Province of Leyte (proceedings)

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